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HVFC: Open House Scheduled for Aug. 13 (HK-Now, July 31, 2022)

HVFC: Open House & “Touch a Truck” event (HK-Now, July 29, 2022)

KVFC, HVFC, Chester & Clinton Respond to Brushfire on Parker Hill Road (HK-Now, July 27, 2022)

Haddam Volunteer Fire Co. Marches in Memorial Day Parade (Photos) (Middletown Press, June 3, 2022)

HVFC Responds to Four Motor Vehicle Fires Within Two Weeks (HK-Now, July 23, 2022)

Fire Destroys Vacant 1930s Haddam Cottage (Middletown Press, July 20, 2022)

HVFC & Mutual Aid Respond to River Road Structure Fire (HK-Now, July 20, 2022)

Fire Destroys Home in Haddam (Fox 61, July 20, 2022)

HVFC Welcomes Two New Probationary Firefighters (HK-Now, July 18, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Car Rollover on Route 9 Between Exits 9 & 10 (HK-Now, July 17, 2022)

HVFC Dispatched to Aid in Marine Rescue on Connecticut River (HK-Now, June 20, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Two-Car Accident on Route 82 Connector (HK-Now, June 19, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Three Motor Vehicle Accidents in Two Days (HK-Now, June 14, 2022)

HVFC & LifeStar Respond to MVA on Route 9 North (HK-Now, June 11, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary Monthly Meeting (HK-Now, June 3, 2022)

HVFC News: Fatal Head-On Crash & Three Connecticut River Incidents (HK-Now, June 2, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Three motor vehicle accidents in two days (HK-Now, May 30, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Motor Vehicle Accident on Killingworth Road (HK-Now, May 27, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Brush Fire and Smoke Investigation (HK-Now, May 25, 2022)

May 10 Busy for HVFC: Brush Fires, MVA, Two Fire Alarms & Wires down on School Bus (HK-Now, May 11, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary Annual Clam Chowder Sale (HK-Now, May 9, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary Will Hold Annual Clam Chowder Sale on May 30 (HK-Now, May 9 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary monthly meeting (HK-Now, May 2, 2022)

HVFC Respond to Grill Fire that Spread to Deck (HK-Now, May 2, 2022)

Hartford Police Chief’s Father Dies in Haddam Fire Despite Heroic Efforts of Neighbor (Hartford Courant, April 25, 2022)

Police: 85-Year-Old Man Dies in Haddam House Fire (Middletown Press, April 23, 2022)

HVFC Battles House Fire on Plains Road with Mutual Aid from 5 Other Departments (HK-Now, April 23, 2022)

HVFC & Middletown South Fire District Respond to Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 9 (HK-Now, April 19, 2022)

HVFC Officials: Two Taken to Hospital After Haddam Rollover (Middletown Press, April 11, 2022)

HVFC Responded to Seven Calls for Emergency Services Yesterday (HK-Now, April 9, 2022)

HVFC Responds to Two Vehicle Fires (HK-Now, April 9, 2022)

HVFC Aux. Easter Flower Sale (HK-Now, April 21, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary to Hold Easter Flower Sale April 15-16 (HK-Now, March 20, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary Meeting (HK-Now, March 15, 2022)

HVFC Respond to Motor Vehicle Accident on March 7 (HK-Now, March 10, 2022)

Officials: Crews Battled Heavy Smoke, Flames at Higganum House Fire (Middletown Press, Feb. 23, 2022)

HVFC Battled Structure Fire on Hidden Lake Road (HK-Now, Feb. 23, 2022)

Haddam Volunteer Fire Crews Were Called to 528 Incidents Last Year (Middletown Press, Feb. 15, 2022)

HVFC Auxiliary monthly meeting (HK-Now, Feb. 2, 2022)

HVFC 2021 Annual Report (HK-Now, Jan. 26, 2022)

HVFC Performs Ice Safety Drill (HK-Now, Jan. 19, 2022)

HVFC Responds: Chimney fire on Grape Vine Road (HK-Now, Jan. 8, 2022)

HVFC Christmas Party 2021! (HK-Now, Jan. 1, 2022)


HVFC Holds 2021 Children’s Christmas Party (HK-Now, Dec. 31)

HVFC Responds: Two motor vehicle accidents due to snow conditions (KH-Now, Dec. 21)

HVFC Responds: House fire and oxygen tank explosions, vehicle fire, and 2 medical calls (HK-Now, Dec. 6)

HVFC Responds to Motor Vehicle Accident on Parker Hill Road South (HK-Now, Dec. 23)

Officials: Driver snaps utility pole in Haddam crash (Middletown Press, Dec. 23)

Driver hospitalized after crashing into utility pole in Haddam, officials say (Middletown Press, Nov. 30)

HVFC Responds: Motor vehicle accidents on Hayden Hill Rd. & Beaver Meadow Rd. (HK-Now, Nov. 29)

HVFC Responds: Leaking propane tank on Embassy Drive (HK-Now, Nov. 19)

East Haddam house destroyed by fire (Fox 61, Nov. 12)

Officials looking into cause of fire at vacant Haddam home (Eyewitness News 3, Oct. 31) 

HVFC Responds: Motor vehicle accident – RT 81 (HK-Now, Oct. 22)

HVFC firefighters participate in vehicle-stabilization drill (HK-Now, Oct. 13)

HVFC participates in “live burn” drill at Essex Fire training facility (HK-Now, Oct. 11)


HVFC Welcomes Marc Perras to their regular membership (HK-Now, Oct. 11)


HVFC Assistant Chief Jamie Kuchyt earns 40-years-of-service-pin (HK-Now, Oct. 11)

HVFC Elects new officers (HK-Now, Oct. 6)

HVFC Provides standby fire coverage at Haddam River Days celebration (HK-Now, Oct. 5)

Firefighters extinguish Higganum house blaze  (Middletown Press, Oct. 1)

HVFC Responds: Mutual aid needed for Structure fire on Saybrook Rd. (KK-Now, Sept. 29)

HVFC Firefighters provided with rare training opportunity (HK-Now, Sept. 29) 

Durham Fair Standby fire protection provided by HVFC (HK-Now, Sept. 29)

HVFC Celebrates Old Timers’ Night (HK-Now, Sept. 20)

HVFC: 2021 Water-Rescue Drill on CT River (HK-Now, Aug. 21)

Cat rescued from Haddam house fire (Middletown Press, July 21)

HVFC Responds: Structure Fire Chamberlain Hill Rd. (HK-Now, July 19)

HVFC Firefighters pass their CT Firefighter I Practical & Written Exams (HK-Now, July 15)

HVFC Responds: July 11, 2021 Vehicle Fire on Route 9 South (HK-Now, July 12)

HVFC Responds: To Tropical Storm Elsa’s Damage (HK-Now, July 10)

HVFC Responds: To Four Incidents Following Storm on July 6, 2021 (HK-Now, July 7)

HVFC Responds: Firefighter Kowal Comforts Pup Following Vehicle Accident (HK-Now, June 29)

HVFC Juniors: John Maziarz and Marc Perras Graduate from HKHS (HK-Now, June 26)

HVFC Responds: Brush Fire at Intersection of Saybrook & Tylerwoods Road (HK-Now, June 25)

Haddam Memorial Day Parade 2021 Photos & Speeches (HK-Now, May 31)

HVFC Responds: Motor Vehicle Accident on Saybrook Road (HK-Now, May 29)

HVFC Responds: to massive fire on Gunger Hill Road (HK-Now, May 18)

HVFC: Two Motor Vehicle Accidents May 7, 2021 (HK-Now, May 8)

HVFC MVA & Smoke Alarm Calls (HK-Now, May 2)

HVFC: Motor Vehicle Accident on April 24 (HK-Now, April 26)

HVFC Responds to Brush Fire (HK-Now, April 25)

HVFC Responds: Beaver Meadow Road Car Crash (HK-Now, April 17)

HVFC Responds: Brush Fire Near North End of Haddam Meadows (HK-Now, April 9)

HVFC Responds: Vehicle Fire Rt 81 (HK-Now, March 30)HVFCo Attends Hartford County Regional Fire School Training Exercises (March 22)HVFCo Responds to Multiple Incidents, March 16 – 21 (HK-Now, March 22)

HVFCo: 2020 Annual Report (HK-Now, Jan. 6)


Haddam Volunteer Fire Co. Names Cpt. Zanelli Firefighter of Year (The Middletown Press, Feb. 3)

HVFC Holds Firefighters’ Appreciation Banquet Feb. 1, 2020 (HK Now, Feb. 3)

HVFC Provides Mutual Aid to East Haddam During Structure Fire Jan. 23, 2020 (HK Now, Jan. 28)

HVFC Responds to MVA Jan. 24, 2020 (HK Now, Jan. 24)

Haddam fire crews conduct nighttime safety training drill (The Middletown Press, Jan. 24)

Haddam Volunteer Fire responded to nearly 100 accidents, blazes in 2019 (The Middletown Press Jan. 23)

Crews salvage features of 1887 Haddam church during blaze (The Middletown Press, Jan. 13)

Route 154 in Haddam reopens after structure fire (The Middletown Press, Jan. 11)

HVFC: 2019 Year in Review (HK Now, Jan. 5)

William Flanigan obit (The Hartford Courant, Dec. 31)

HVFCo Hosts 2019 Children’s Christmas Party (HK Now, Dec. 16) 

Haddam firefighters responded to crash, fires (The Middletown Press, Dec. 7)

HVFC Responds to Five Calls Dec. 6 (HK Now, Dec. 7) 

HVFC: Motor Vehicle Accident on Killingworth Road (HK Now, Dec. 6)
Stephen S. Harlow Sr. obit (The Hartford Courant, Dec. 1)

HVFC: Haddam Structure Fire (HK Now, Nov. 30)

Firefighters quickly extinguish Haddam fire (The Middletown Press, Nov. 30)

HVFC: Car Fire on Route 9, Exit 9 Last Night (HK Now, Nov. 27)
HVFCo Annual Children’s Christmas Party 2019 (HK Now, Nov. 23)

Lorenzo Vallera obit (The Hartford Courant, Oct. 6)

Route 81 in Haddam reopens after Friday night crash (The Middletown Press, Sept. 28)

Car bursts into flames following crash in Higganum (FOX 61, Sept. 27)

Haddam Fire Co. junior members study service during week-long course (The Middletown Press, Aug. 14)

Six Haddam fire officials elected to leadership roles (The Middletown Press, July 9)

Haddam, East Haddam Firefighters take part in marine drill (The Middletown Press, June 26)

Several hurt after deck attached to house collapses (The Middletown Press, June 18)

3 Taken to the Hospital After Deck Collapse in Haddam (NBC Connecticut, June 17)

Several hurts after deck attached to house collapses (The Middletown Press, June 18)

Three people injured in porch collapse in Haddam (WFSB Eyewitness News 3, June 18)

HVFCO: Deck Collapses on Home in Haddam; 3 Sent to Area Hospitals (Haddam Now, June 18)

HVFCo: 9-Town Transit Bus Accident (Haddam Now, June 16)

Worker’s Comp should extend to all first responders (The Hartford Courant, June 4)

Middlesex County fire units practice water rescue in Durham (The Middletown Press, May 24)

HVFCo: Water Rescue and Recovery Drill, Millers Pond (Haddam Now, May 23)

Haddam Volunteer Fire assists at 2 crash scenes (The Middletown Press, May 23)

HVFCo: Two Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Utility Poles (Haddam Now, May 22)

HVFCo: April 2019 Report (Haddam Now, May 5)

Employee makes donation to Haddam Fire Department (The Middletown Press, April 26)

Dominion Energy Honors Haddam Volunteer Dan Casey (Haddam Now, April 26)

HVFCo: Motor Vehicle Accident in Front of HES April 23 (Haddam Now, April 24)

No injuries after fire consumes Killingworth home on Route 148 (The Middletown Press, April 16)

Killingworth House Fire (Haddam Now, April 15)

Haddam Volunteer Fire open house to feature touch a truck, egg hunt (The Middletown Press, April 11)

Brush Fire Season Prevention Tips (Haddam Now, April 11)

HVFCo: Little City Road Motor Vehicle Accident (Haddam Now, April 10)

HVFCo: Three MVAs on April 5 (Haddam Now, April 7)

HVFCo: Motor Vehicle Accident March 31 (Haddam Now, April 2)

HVFCo Responds to 3 MVA’s March 11 (Haddam Now, March 12)

HVFCo: January & February 2019 Report (Haddam Now, March 5)

HVFCo: MVA March 1 (Haddam Now, March 3)

Cub Scout Pack 40 Visits HVFCo (Haddam Now, Feb. 8)

HVFCo: Motor Vehicle Accident Sends Five Patients to Area Hospitals (Haddam Now, Feb. 4)

HVFCo: Kitchen Fire on Old Ponsett Road (Haddam Now, Jan. 11)

HVFCo: Jan. 18, 2019 Motor Vehicle Accident (Haddam Now, Jan. 21)

HVFCo Honors Bob Kadrle (Haddam Now, Jan. 8)

HVFCo Held 2018 Firefighters’ Appreciation Banquet (Haddam Now, Jan. 5)

Haddam Fire Co. practice skills in ‘Jeff’s Box’ drill while blindfolded (The Middletown Press, Jan. 23)

CT Firefighters Train with Blindfolded Drill (Firehouse, Jan. 26)

Haddam Fire December calls include crashes involving deer, green liquid in brook (The Middletown Press, Jan. 3)

HVFCo: December 2018 Report (Haddam Now, Jan. 3)


New Details About Major Fire In Durham: The fire was reported Friday morning. Numerous agencies and towns assisted in battling the blaze

(Durham/Middlefield Patch, Dec. 21)

Santa Visited HVFCo (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Dec. 20)

Haddam Volunteer Fire November calls include brush fire, dumpster blaze (The Middletown Press, Dec. 13)

HVFCo: November 2018 Report (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Dec. 5)

Haddam Volunteer Co. crews test standpipes, clear debris (Greenwich Time, Nov. 29)

Haddam Volunteer Co. crews test standpipes, clear debris (The Middletown Press, Nov. 29)

Capsized boat, chimney blaze among Haddam Volunteer Fire October calls (The Middletown Press, Nov. 13)

HVFCo: October 2018 Report (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Nov. 12)

Dumpster fire temporarily closes Haddam Transfer Station (New Haven Register, Nov. 11)

HVFCo: Transfer Station Dumpster Fire (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Nov. 11)

Man suffers burns to hand after van catches fire on Route 9 in Haddam (The Middletown Press, Nov. 6)

Haddam Volunteer firefighters respond to vehicle fire on Route 9S (News 8 WTNH, Nov.6)

Route 9 Reopens in Haddam After Car Fire (NBC Connecticut, Nov. 5)

HVFCo: Vehicle Fire on Route 9S (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Nov. 5)

Route 9 Exit Reopened In Haddam: State police said the exit was closed due to a motor vehicle fire. (Haddam Patch, Nov. 5)

HVFCo: MVA Drill (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Oct. 23)

HVFCo: Fire Prevention Week 2018 (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Oct. 15)

Man dead, North Haven woman seriously injured in Haddam crash (The Middletown Press, Oct. 13)

Man dead, North Haven woman seriously injured in Haddam crash (New Haven Registrar, Oct. 12)

HVFCo: Fatal Accident on Route 81 (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Oct. 12)

HVFCo: Vehicle Fire on Route 9 (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Oct. 11)

HVFCo: Sept. 2018 Report (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Oct. 11)

At Emergency Resource Management, Service and Commitment Are A Priority Features Haddam EMS (Hartford Courant, Sept. 20)

HVFCo: August 2018 Report (Haddam-Killingworth Now, Sept. 16)

‘Labor-intensive’ fire put out at Kleen Energy plant in Middletown (Connecticut Post, Sept. 4)

Haddam Volunteer Fire handled 11 motor vehicle accidents in July (The Middletown Press, Aug. 10)

Man dies after boating accident in Haddam (Eyewitness News 3 WSFB, Aug. 10)

Police Identify Haddam Man Who Died After Boat Capsizes On Connecticut River (Hartford Courant, Aug. 11)

Officials ID Higganum man following fatal boating accident (Fox 61, Aug. 10)

Truck takes down wires, utility pole on Haddam road (Eyewitness News 3 WSFB, July 29)

Haddam Volunteer Fire Co. June calls included 3 blazes, 5 accidents (The Middletown Press, July 17)

PD: Three suffer serious injuries in Haddam crash (Eyewitness News 3 WSFB, July 16)

Woman and child transported after Jeep hits utility pole in Haddam (News 8 WTNH, July 5)

Drowning Victim at State Park in Durham Identified (NBC Connecticut, June 17)

Mother Who Loses Son in Drowning Uses Grief for Change (NBC Connecticut, May 2)

Cause Of Middletown Fire Under Investigation: The fire caused heavy smoke damage to a building on Main Street. (Middletown Patch, April 19)

1st responders lauded at Haddam Volunteer Fire Co. banquet (The Middletown Press, Feb. 18)

Man killed in blaze at 55 and over community in Killingworth (The Middletown Press, Jan. 26)

Haddam official declares emergency as colossal ice jam clogs Connecticut River (The Middletown Press, Jan. 18)

Haddam Fire December calls include accidental shooting, propane incidents (The Middletown Press, Jan. 10)